Company strengthens pledge to ‘keep community informed’ as the ambitious plans for Bedlington Town Centre are realised. Bedlington’s four County Councillors will lead an initiative to put ‘community’ at the heart of plans to redevelop the town centre which will include a dedicated website, regular newsletter and direct mail drops to local residents.

The newly created Bedlington Delivery Group will build on the County Council led ‘Steering Group’ which worked together to bring forward plans to redevelop the town centre.

The Delivery Group will focus on realising the ambitious plans that have been formed as a result of the work of the Steering Group. With a clear objective of keeping residents directly informed about progress including all investment, both public and private, in the town and its surrounding areas.

Cllrs Alyson Wallace, Val Tyler, Terry Johnstone and Jeff Gobin will lead the new group which will focus on ‘fewer formal meetings and more direct and personalised communications’ with residents as the new developments take shape. Initial tasks of the group will see a new site found for a historic commemorative stone preserved by Arch from the old-school demolition, the naming of the new retail development in the town and the public display of more detailed plans of the retail development itself.

Arch, the County Development Company will take over the day to day operation of the new Delivery Group, which will focus on attracting investment to Bedlington and creating a vibrant town centre.

Julie Dodds, Head of Economic Growth, from Arch said: “We’d like to express our thanks for the hard work of the Steering Group and thank them for their support throughout.  As the County Council have decided to revamp the group whilst we move to the delivery phase of the project, it is important to strengthen our communications with residents. This is an exciting time for Bedlington with so much investment coming into the town from both the public and private sector and we want to build confidence in the market to make Bedlington an even more exciting area for the local community.”

Cllr Val Tyler on behalf of the four County Cllrs added: “The newly formed Delivery Group will rightly concentrate on keeping residents directly informed about the new investment from both the public and private sector. We’ve learned that residents would like to see more direct communications with them and we’ll be using a mixture of methods to get the message across that ‘Bedlington’s on the up’. We feel it’s time to get behind the town and present our area in the best possible light to potential investors. The steering group performed a great service during the initial phase of the various investments but the time is right to concentrate on ‘getting the job done’. We’re accountable to our residents and they can be sure we’ll make sure that Arch and our partners put community at the centre of the exciting development stage”.